Photo Gallery for DOGToyko2017

Welcome to our photo gallery page and the selection of photographs. We will be continuously updating this page as the preparation for the art installation continues. The Art Installation was held at Ueno Park in Tokyo, Japan on 18th & 19th November 2017.

If you would like to submit any of your own photographs that you may have taken of our Dogs at the Art Installation, or during the pre-exhibition promotions, then please feel free to email these quoting ‘DOGTokyo2017’ to

Please be advised that the Artist will have total control over which photographic images are displayed in this gallery. Ownership of the pictures will transfer to the Artist and may be used in future exhibitions and collages.

To view these images, just click on the picture below to expand the view.

DogTokyo2017 UK Photo Gallery

DOGTokyo2017 Gallery – Tokyo,  Japan