About the Artist

Akane Takayama has received two Arts Council Awards and has been shortlisted for the prestigious Jerwood Prize. In 2017, Akane received an award from the Asahi Shimbun Foundation.

Now living in Hertfordshire, Akane works as a contemporary fine artist and has been living in England for over 40 years. This biography has been written as a brief description of her work.

Akane Takayama - contemporary fine artist

Takayama has constantly been exhibiting throughout her career;

  • Pomeroy Purdy Gallery, London (1992)
  • Atlantis Gallery, London (1992)
  • Daiwa Foundation, London (1995)
  • Blue Gallery, London (1995)
  • Henry Peacock Gallery, London (2001)
  • Chelsea Physic Garden Sculpture Show, London (2002)
  • Domo Ball Gallery, London (2002)

She was then shortlisted for the prestigious Jerwood Drawing Prize (2002) before being asked to present a solo exhibition at one of London’s public galleries, Cafe Gallery Projects, London (2004).

Then followed exhibitions at:

  • Space Open Exhibition London (2005)
  • Sefton Open, Merseyside (2006) before her major public art, DOG Sculpture Installation, at
    • Victoria Park, London (2010)
    • Clissold Park, London (2010)
    • Holland Park, London (2010)

After the success of the DOG installation, Takayama was shortlisted for the UJADF Awards, ROA Gallery, Pall Mall, London (2010).

Regarding publications and interviews, Akane has an excellent history of promotion and coverage; BBC Late Night Show (1992), ITV Art Show (1992), Atlantis Gallery Exhibition Catalogue (1992), Jerwood Drawing Prize Catalogue (2002), Yomiuri Shibum Newspaper (2002), Southwark Newspaper (2004), Car and Ammonites (2004),  Cafe Gallery Exhibition Catalogue (2004), What’s On in London, Magazine (2004), Time Out Magazine (2010), Evening Standard Newspaper (2010).

From December 2010 until July 2015, Takayama has been involved in building and developing a studio complex in Hertfordshire for her ongoing work. Once that project was completed, she started planning her next presentation, DOG Sculpture Installation in Tokyo in 2017. She has also been researching and developing other sculpture works based on the locality of her studio and drawing on the lives of local people.

Akane completed her latest Art installation ‘DOGTokyo2017’ that was held in November at the famous Ueno Park in Tokyo, Japan.

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