Welcome to DOGTokyo and London, home to captivating public art installations that bridge communities and ignite your imagination. This exhibition was supported by the prestigious Asahi Shimbun Foundation, the national newspaper company, and Meguro City, Tokyo, our unique projects thrive on the idea of ‘Digital Memories.’ As you photograph and share the exhibition on social media, the artist strives to create a profound connection between you and the artwork. By offering ‘dogs’ to visitors, who can freely manipulate them or capture stunning visuals in their own spaces, we encourage the creation of individual ‘dog’ interpretations. Experience art for all, where it serves as a community catalyst and nurtures our collective identities. Join us and be a part of the DOG movement.

DOGTokyo was held over the weekend on 18th & 19th November 2017 in Ueno Park, Tokyo 上野公園 東京

固定概念に挑戦する現代アート彫刻展 上野恩賜公園内噴水広場横  2017年11月18日~19日開催・終了 




アートをすべての人に  アートはコミュニティの架け橋  アートは皆のアイデンティティ 

助成 公益財団法人朝日新聞文化財団、 後援 目黒区、ブリティッシュカウンシル、めぐろ青色申告会、ケーブルテレビ イッツコム iTSCOM 

DOG Tokyo 2017 管理チーム 

代表 高山あかね 

DOG Tokyo 2017 ソーシャルメディア リンク 

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